16 August 2010

Nine Faces of Algave Azul

Can someone please explain what everyone is thinking in this photo?  I certainly have no idea.

And yes, those are three girls dancing together.  I can't even...explain.

It was a crazy weekend.


  1. dude in the hat: how do I keep my boner down??
    blue&pink shirted fellow: is my mom watching *next face: O face*
    girl in blue halter: *response to bro in the hat* ugh...
    boy next to her: *looking down her shirt*
    curly haired gal: This is more fun than dancing with my gay boyfriend
    Girl in the middle: This is more fun than dancing with my gay girl friend
    Other girl: if I dance with two girls someone will finally notice me.

  2. this is a hilarious picture by the way. Do you know these people? If so, don't tell them what I just said about thm all, please. :)

  3. that expression on the face of that girl in the blue halter is hilarious! hahahaha

  4. Amen to the boner down comment and the blue tank girl...wow, she is not digin it. Great capture!

  5. I'm pretty sure the girl in the blue-halter absolutely steals the scene in this photo.