23 August 2010

My Life Would Suck Without You

Just a quick note, I've had three life changing events happen to me since Friday morning.  Please excuse me for lack of posting and terrorizing the internet.  I do hope to explain what has happened in the next few days, as the audience loves it when a blogger vomits all over a website.

Thank you for all the love and comments and support.  I really think without this blog and 20sb.net I would be in a ditch somewhere, probably with my underwear on my head.

Anyway, to make up for lack of pictures and content, my first guest post ever is up at Kristin Luna's Tales from a Travel Addict (Camels and Chocolate).  Check out her site, leave her some love as well.

And again, thank you.


  1. We love you Orion, Feel better!

  2. Oreo!! I was looking for you on 20sb today. I hope you're okay, I'm worried now after this vague post. BIG HUG from Ireland!! :(

  3. And here am I, too distracted by the insanity of life at the moment to have been a good little commenter. Hope all is well...

  4. 20sb :)

    good luck. we all go through some down days