31 August 2010

Five Year Old Orion

I was always a snazzy dresser.

I was conversing with my mother about queries I posed as a child.  I apparently was a hugely inquisitive lad who always made observations on any subject.  Here are a few stellar interrogations:

"Mother, why have the clouds fallen?"
"It's just fog."

"Father, why do we see people once and never see them again?"
"That's just the way of the world, son."

"Grandmother, why do you call them colored people if they are just one color and not the color of the rainbow?"

"Mother, did you also lock me in the closet when I wouldn't stop screaming as a baby?"
"No, your younger sister just doesn't understand how to quit the crying with all the screaming and the yelling and the screaming."

"If we are visiting Little Rock, where is Big Rock?"
"There is no Big Rock..."

Also, I didn't keep my parents or siblings from sleeping because I was an exemplary baby.  I've always been able to sleep, in fact I think I should list it under 'Life Achievements'.  I once passed out halfway in a dryer.


Still in and out of the hospital for two members of my close family, and also myself.  I have a stone bruise on my right foot I keep exacerbating by working on the property.  The doctor says I should 'take it easy' and 'rest.'  Does fishing for silver salmon count or scaring the chickens count?  It's relaxing to me.


  1. I used to ask "why are pandas black and white?" and other unanswerable question on my quest for attention.

    You're a cute little five-year-old!

  2. Ahhhh that is the most adorable picture ever!

  3. 1. cute picture!! haha

    2. aren't kids. or being a kid just amazing?

    my family told me before.. that the first time we went to canada. i asked my dad to turn off the "air conditioner" ... but really it was just the weather. since we were outside.

    i dont even remember saying that. lol

  4. Your mom really locked your sister in the closet when she was a baby?

  5. HA! Great questions from the brain of a 5-year-old. I, too, was amazed at the idea that you could see a person once at the grocery store or mall and possibly never again. I was also amazed at the possibility of perhaps seeing the same random stranger twice but never knowing it. I also wondered how many people in cars on the highway had murdered someone.

    My mom's favorite question of mine was, "Mom, how many people do you think can fit in that giant water tower?" Can't say I wasn't creative.

  6. Thank you, my cuteness peaked just after that.

    @Tsaritsa: I asked her about that because I remembered, and she said it was a long day of playing with and feeding six other children and she had had enough of my younger sister's screaming. She was only in there until she stopped crying, which was five minutes.