30 June 2010

In Search of Sunrise

"Todo mortal..."
[All mortal...] - Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer, Andalusian post-romanticist writer

This is how I spent ten days in July 2008. It was one of the most amazing holidays in regards to party, fun, nightlife, and dancing.

Ibiza is a tiny 571 km² (220 sq mi) Balearic island off the mainland Spanish coast of Valencia. I never had the opportunity to vacation there, even though it was so close to Barcelona.

I first heard knowledge of this party paradise when I was eleven. There was a song my older friends were playing on their boom box, which had a pulsating bass line and angelic lyrics. It was the moment in which I felt like I was soaring. They had acquired a mixed tape from a schoolmate who summered on the island and played it nonstop. I knew one day I had to answer the siren call of the intoxicating serenade.

Fast forward to April 2008, when I was chatting with a friend of a friend about our backgrounds while waiting to eat supper with our mutual friend. I informed him of my musical tastes, and how most of my friends currently were not interested in the trance or house subgenres. He commented how techno is not too popular in Alaska, so he loved traveling to Europe and experiencing the nightlife. He inquired as to what DJs I favored, I mentioned how I just downloaded Tiësto's released In Search of Sunrise: Ibiza. One amazing album, with a remix of Imogen Heap's Hide and Seek. I had been a longtime fan of him, ever since the Delirium's Silence remix.

Him: "Oh that's funny, my old friend and I are meeting in Ibiza this July.
Me: "WHAT THE BISCUIT! I've always wanted to visit Ibiza, ever since I was a little kid [told the story above.]"
Him: "Well, we were looking for another guest to split the apartment we're renting."
Me: "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Him: "So are you interested?"
Me: "...I think I'm on the verge of vomiting."
Him: "Do you need a trashcan?!"

I commenced research on all the clubs I would visit. One little blurb forced me out of the computer chair and fist pump around the office. My coworkers turned and sat slack jawed as I performed cartwheels.

"Tiësto will be hosting a two month residency at Privilege, Ibiza in summer 2008."

I send text messages all my friends who enjoy electronic dance music immediately. Some responses were supportive, saying how lucky the situation turned out. Others, the ones I rather enjoyed, were the 'U SUK' and 'UR MOM IS AT IBIZA.' Who doesn't appreciate a verbal lashing in the face of awesome news?

Fast forward three months, my travel mates and I were being jostled through security at Privilege. According to the Guinness Book of Records, the largest nightclub stood before me. Impressive jetliner size. Spotlights and flashing lights everywhere. So many costumes, gorgeous girls in see-through spandex, and glow stick anything. Guards were shouting "¡no cámaras!" and "¡boletos, por favor!" Not a soul could stop grinning, teeth blazing white in the influence of black lights.

Inside after almost losing my sanity of pushing through thousands of clubgoers, it was hard to believe the space occupied by Privilege. A 25 meter ceiling, exotic plans everywhere, walls of speakers and amps, stairs leading to balconies, and a swimming pool under the main dance floor. It could host up to ten thousand people. It seemed the population of Ibiza had converged under its aircraft carrier roof. One couldn't even see the main stage from the entrance.

Of course, it was difficult to take a stable photo with the right settings with security guards roaming the floor.

After an hour of being navigated by the surging array of sweaty patrons, we managed to maneuver close to the stage. Tiësto started a cover of The Fray's How to Save a Life. To say it was breathtaking would be an understatement. After the second verse, he turned off his beat and suddenly thousands of individuals are singing as one, hands held high and inspiring Tiësto lift his fist skyward as our voices echoed through the now bass-less club.

Goosebumps covered my flushed person. The cheers and hollering lasted five minutes. Tiësto looked unbelievably flattered and pleased, even a little embarrassed, at the reaction. His humble demeanor clashed with his heavy hits of Tegan and Sara's Back in Your Head and the Cary Brother's Ride, the execution of which showed why he was the first DJ to perform at the Summer Olympics. The dance floors were stocked full of glow stick wielding dancers and electronic music advocates swayed in the stairwells.

At this time my group decided to head outside for some refreshments and cooling night air. I noticed the walls were covered in condensation and all the glass looked as though Jack Frost had kissed the windows. Standing in line at the water booth, we were four patrons back when I heard the opening bars of a song I played on repeat since April.

I rushed inside and stood on a balcony, the mass of club goers literally multiplied and soon there was no moving. Everyone seemed to be a fan of Justin Timberlake's Lovestoned remix. I panned to the crowd and then back, finally shutting my digital camera off so I could let the sensation of the words wash over me.

Impressively, I never saw any fist fights or someone not taking pleasure in Privilege. Over and over in my swimming mind, I couldn't believe how lucky I was, to be there in that moment. I never felt so alive. Euphoria and adrenaline coursed through my veins. Strangers from different lands and nationalities were dancing with each other and trading glow sticks. Everyone was sharing water and juice, one loving network of club aficionados.

Finally, we shuffled our tired bodies outside after three encores, our eyes bleary from the assault of neon lights. Sounds were muted and the sun was just peaking over the Mediterranean Sea. I then fully grasped the message conveyed by Tiësto.

21 June 2010


"The nourishment is palatable."
- Millard Fillmore, 13th President of the United States

I am always a bit sad to celebrate 21st June. Although it's the 'official' start to summer, here in Alaska it's already been awesome weather for a bit or still snowing. What most people forget is after today, daylight starts fading. The earth tilts back towards to the infinite blackness away from the sun.

I've always considered myself a glass-half-full type. Yet on this day I know the sunlight will be dwindling. It may not be as noticeable to those closer to the equator, but our sunlight is a very precious commodity that can only be enjoyed about 40 percent of the year.

Growing up, I usually attended school in the darkness and came home in the darkness. So summer was an important time to stay up and do summer activities; like camping, hunting, fishing, four-wheeling.

When I became more independent, summer solstice was a day that the celebrations continued well into the wee hours. It's light out! Stay up all night! Drink more out of the keg!

Funny how today was just a little bit of a blah day. The weather was overcast and a bit rainy, and just cold enough not to be outside for too long. Just with the passage of time, last year I visited three bars and drank too many trashcans and had sun sickness the next day (read: dehydrated from all the sugery drinks).

This year I watched someone bake Amish Friendship bread. It's a pretty involved process, asking one to let the yeast multiply for ten days and mushing it every day until that point. Then add some more ingredients and dole out three one-cup servings into separate bags. More milk and flour and sugar is added to the mix and it produces two loaves worth.

The interesting part though, is the extra servings are supposed to be given out to friends/coworkers/family members and one cannot use the friend who handed out the bread mixture. They follow the same process and then one's mother's brother's grandnephew's sister-in-law's beta fish has a mixture. What a novel concept! Friendship bread for everyone!

And then I realized, this process is about the equivalent of email forwards. Or chain letters, which I vaguely remember in the third grade. With warnings that you MUST forward to 20 people or YOU WILL BE STABBED BY THE GHOST OF THE PERSON WHO STARTED THIS CHAIN LETTER TOMORROW NIGHT AT 2200 HOURS BECAUSE THEY WERE MURDERED AT THAT EXACT HOUR. You know how that goes.

Instead of ghosts, you have delicious bread! I think this is much better than an email forward. Or a chain letter. Does the United States Postal Service even exist anymore?

20 June 2010

Registry registration

"Drink to me, drink to my health, you know I can’t drink any more."
- Pablo Picasso, Spanish painter

By the urging from one of my pregnant friends, I logged onto target.com to look through her baby registry and assess if she needed another registry at a different chain. An item on the list caught my eye:

Me: Nipple brush??
Her: For the bottles, get your mind out of the gutter!
Me: Nipple brushes, for when tassels won't do.
Her: Lol you're dirty.
Me: Nipple brushes, comb your lover's chest hair!
Her: Bah hahahahha I could totally do that to my lover.
Me: Nipple brushes, not your momma's nipple cleaner.
Her: Ewwww.

A picture of the offenders.

I remember my parents forced me to wash out my bottle with my tongue and then load it in the dishwasher.

Retailers currently have every item one could ever want. Baby Einstein, Burt's Bees Baby, even Disney and Diego themed clothing. Organic clothing for twice the price! I know all these articles are useful in some way, but if I ever were to have a child, I would probably only register for the essential components.

You know: Crown Royal, diapers, a crib.

I'm kidding! I have a bed, why would I need a crib? That kid better not hog the sheets, or be in the way of sexy time.

19 June 2010

We think it will be a fantastic day

"Ille facit."
[He will do it.] - Karl IX, King of Sweden

Today was the wedding of Victoria, Crown Princess of Sweden and Daniel Westling. I caught parts of the ceremony on YouTube, CNN and BBC. I was able to piece together the jist of the arrangement, with both partners agreeing to support each other through their binding union. Short, simple, sweet.

What wrestled my attention is how happy the two are in even video and photo. Do not think I am just writing about a cliché, their smiles do not look forced and I am glad the monarchy of Sweden and parliament let their heiress apparent choose a love match for her beloved. Granted, her mother was a German-Brazilian commoner, but Karl XVI Gustaf was enthroned at that point and free to choose. His rigid grandfather, King Gustaf VI Adolf, held the outdated belief that only royalty should marry within their ranks.

Funny enough, if that was still the stance, I would not be here today.

Choosing a mate is a hotly debated subject among my friends. I have a friend who recently became pregnant by her boyfriend, whom she has been dating on and off since high school. She tells me almost everyone asks when is the wedding date, and usually replies with an "Are you crazy?!" I agree, shotgun weddings usually don't make for a happy lifetime together. She wants to focus on raising her child and continuing her relationship, should not that be enough for her friends and family?

I told her she could always follow up with a none of your business, mister.

My parents believe I should already be married. I personally thing that after dating exclusively, one should move in together. Whether or not this is before the engagement does not matter. If two individuals can co-habitate for at least a year, have great communication, I would say that was a good start.

I have been a witness to three weddings, and two have ended in divorce. Both couples used the same excuse. They rushed into legally binding ties.

You don't say.

I understand people grow apart, and there is only one person in my past that I could honestly spend the rest of my life with. Obviously, that's not happening now, since I am currently single. And I think I'm okay with that. No one to answer to, account for, or worry about. Not just yet. I am open to spending and sharing my life one day. It is pretty awesome.

Congrats, cousin Victoria and Daniel. It was a fantastic day.

11 June 2010


It's in my blood. My family is scattered across several regions of the world and I have logged many airplane journeys. My first plane ride alone was when I was five, to visit a grandmother 3,000 miles away. I remember being seated near the rear of the plane, several of us non-chaperoned fliers corraled for the flight attendants. I also remember being armed with strawberry Poptarts and sour cream Pringles. (Thanks Madre!)

On my own finances, I have visited the following countries:

British Virgin Islands
Puerto Rico
Saint Lucia
San Marino
The Netherlands
United Kingdom
Vatican City

Also I have the pleasure of traveling around my own country once in a while. A few of my favorite cities are Chicago, Lahaina, Las Vegas, Oklahoma City, Sacramento, and Seattle. I wrote this down because I had a friend ask me exactly how many countries I've been to, and I did not have a number readily available.

I know that I am very blessed and privileged to have experiences like this. Whenever I am feeling a bit sad or depressed about life, I just have to pull up some photos or Facebook a new friend. Remembering all the art and architecture and history and vistas, it's hard to feel bad about life so far.

08 June 2010


I haven't told any of my family or friends that I have started this endeavour. I hesitate to do so because I believe it will cause me to censor the written content. That being said, if someone happens upon this site, I wouldn't deny it. I will probably use nicknames or initials whenever mentioning those who are in my daily life. I'm not the kind of person who bounds around and won't shut up about their blog (I really think most of my acquaintances aren't interested in starting a blog when FACEBOOK is all the rage).

I don't think I would post a link from my Facebook account, either. I already limit myself on that medium because I have individuals that I would rather not have reading all my intimate thoughts and musings. While it's a great application for keeping on contact with high school peers who have now moved across the country and world, I don't want to hesitate to click 'publish' asking myself if I truly want to open Pandora's Box. I don't envision this becoming a gripe session, however if I feel I need to let off some steam, I would like it to be in a safe place. (Like a public forum is a VERY safe place.)

I enjoying reading other's blogs and hearing their voices leap from the screen. True, in face-to-face conversation you can glance snippets of a person's demeanour and feelings, but websites are pretty much an open book if the author deems it so. Likewise, I promise to be honest (when the innocent are not involved) and forthcoming.

07 June 2010

Blast to the past

So, I have maintained a blog around ten years ago. I wish the archived files or even the account was active, because OMB those would be great for Cringe. Unfortunately, I came home one day and the computer was missing from the family room desk, one square and one rectangle faded spots on the surface.

Turns out, HP Gateways CrystalScans can crash when your three year old brother who knows how to turn and erase your hard earned 117 stars on Nintendo's Mario64 game, also possesses the knowledge crash a computer. Years of schoolwork: essays, practice tests, well written stories; gone. Thousands of photos of family holidays and school vacations, erased. Codes, CCS sheets, hand edited Photoshop graphics; kaput. I was so fed up that I eventually stopped maintaining all the websites at that point.

Ever since that occurence I have religiously backed up my work on an external harddrive. I can proudly say that I am now on my second terabyte, yet my 'travel' 520 MB WD is almost full as well.

It all comes full circle, or so the quote sayeth. After months of reading other blogs and watching YouTube videos, I have decided to dip my toe back into the water.

05 June 2010

In the Beginning...

...to quote a very great and lovely Book.
I have started this project for myself. Today is my birthday and I wanted a medium to perserve my memories and experiences. I may not be the most eloquent writer, yet all that matters is that I am here, now, reality.