07 June 2010

Blast to the past

So, I have maintained a blog around ten years ago. I wish the archived files or even the account was active, because OMB those would be great for Cringe. Unfortunately, I came home one day and the computer was missing from the family room desk, one square and one rectangle faded spots on the surface.

Turns out, HP Gateways CrystalScans can crash when your three year old brother who knows how to turn and erase your hard earned 117 stars on Nintendo's Mario64 game, also possesses the knowledge crash a computer. Years of schoolwork: essays, practice tests, well written stories; gone. Thousands of photos of family holidays and school vacations, erased. Codes, CCS sheets, hand edited Photoshop graphics; kaput. I was so fed up that I eventually stopped maintaining all the websites at that point.

Ever since that occurence I have religiously backed up my work on an external harddrive. I can proudly say that I am now on my second terabyte, yet my 'travel' 520 MB WD is almost full as well.

It all comes full circle, or so the quote sayeth. After months of reading other blogs and watching YouTube videos, I have decided to dip my toe back into the water.

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