08 June 2010


I haven't told any of my family or friends that I have started this endeavour. I hesitate to do so because I believe it will cause me to censor the written content. That being said, if someone happens upon this site, I wouldn't deny it. I will probably use nicknames or initials whenever mentioning those who are in my daily life. I'm not the kind of person who bounds around and won't shut up about their blog (I really think most of my acquaintances aren't interested in starting a blog when FACEBOOK is all the rage).

I don't think I would post a link from my Facebook account, either. I already limit myself on that medium because I have individuals that I would rather not have reading all my intimate thoughts and musings. While it's a great application for keeping on contact with high school peers who have now moved across the country and world, I don't want to hesitate to click 'publish' asking myself if I truly want to open Pandora's Box. I don't envision this becoming a gripe session, however if I feel I need to let off some steam, I would like it to be in a safe place. (Like a public forum is a VERY safe place.)

I enjoying reading other's blogs and hearing their voices leap from the screen. True, in face-to-face conversation you can glance snippets of a person's demeanour and feelings, but websites are pretty much an open book if the author deems it so. Likewise, I promise to be honest (when the innocent are not involved) and forthcoming.

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