19 June 2010

We think it will be a fantastic day

"Ille facit."
[He will do it.] - Karl IX, King of Sweden

Today was the wedding of Victoria, Crown Princess of Sweden and Daniel Westling. I caught parts of the ceremony on YouTube, CNN and BBC. I was able to piece together the jist of the arrangement, with both partners agreeing to support each other through their binding union. Short, simple, sweet.

What wrestled my attention is how happy the two are in even video and photo. Do not think I am just writing about a cliché, their smiles do not look forced and I am glad the monarchy of Sweden and parliament let their heiress apparent choose a love match for her beloved. Granted, her mother was a German-Brazilian commoner, but Karl XVI Gustaf was enthroned at that point and free to choose. His rigid grandfather, King Gustaf VI Adolf, held the outdated belief that only royalty should marry within their ranks.

Funny enough, if that was still the stance, I would not be here today.

Choosing a mate is a hotly debated subject among my friends. I have a friend who recently became pregnant by her boyfriend, whom she has been dating on and off since high school. She tells me almost everyone asks when is the wedding date, and usually replies with an "Are you crazy?!" I agree, shotgun weddings usually don't make for a happy lifetime together. She wants to focus on raising her child and continuing her relationship, should not that be enough for her friends and family?

I told her she could always follow up with a none of your business, mister.

My parents believe I should already be married. I personally thing that after dating exclusively, one should move in together. Whether or not this is before the engagement does not matter. If two individuals can co-habitate for at least a year, have great communication, I would say that was a good start.

I have been a witness to three weddings, and two have ended in divorce. Both couples used the same excuse. They rushed into legally binding ties.

You don't say.

I understand people grow apart, and there is only one person in my past that I could honestly spend the rest of my life with. Obviously, that's not happening now, since I am currently single. And I think I'm okay with that. No one to answer to, account for, or worry about. Not just yet. I am open to spending and sharing my life one day. It is pretty awesome.

Congrats, cousin Victoria and Daniel. It was a fantastic day.

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