12 August 2010

Liberator Angel, Dublin

One person Dublin, Ireland is obsessed with: Dónal Ó Conaill.  Or rather in plain English, Daniel O'Connell. Really, how much more Irish can one get?  Best known for his repeal of the Act of Union and Catholic Emancipation, Dubliners talk fondly of Mr. O'Connell.  The nineteenth century political leader inspired men such as Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr.

O'Connell has left his mark on Dublin.  A round tower marking his family's crypt north of Dublin in Glasnevin can be seen for miles.  He has been featured on Irish banknotes, and the former Carlisle Bridge over the River Liffey has been renamed O'Connell Bridge.  The main throughfare through Dublin is--what else?--O'Connell Street.

Angel at base, Daniel O'Connell Statue, Dublin
Click photo to enlarge.

I find it apt there is a dog incorporated as O'Connell was extremely loyal and dedicated to Ireland.  His leadership and inspiration eventually led to an Irish Free State in 1922, and without him the Republic of Ireland would probably be under the wing of the United Kingdom.


  1. Hey you're well-travelled...I'm going to London in 4 weeks. What to do, what to see?

  2. I’m embarrassed that I'm Irish and I literally know nothing about the culture. I have the pale skin and love of potatoes down... but seeing stuff like this makes me feel like I'm so behind on knowing where I came from. You’ve inspired me to do some serious research.

  3. And, it was on O'Connell street that we figured out we wanted to go the other direction and then saw the Eason's bookstore and decided we were in the right place after all. We're suckers for bookstores.