09 August 2010

Curly, Larry, and Moe

Sitting on the couch, iPhones, after a day of mowing the two-acre lawn.

Roommate Jade:  Well well well, if it isn't the Three Stooges.

We all grunt.

Jade:  Who dragged grass and dirt all over the floors??

Me:  I took my boots off downstairs, and I wear flip flops in the house because my great-grandmother...

Jade, Ivor, Ross:  WAS JAPANESE!  WE KNOW!!

Ross:  I dunno babe...

Jade:  Ivor!  You still have your boots on, not in the house!

Me, under my breath:  No wire hangers, ever!

Ivor, quietly:  Son of a biscuit.

Jade:  I swear, it's like you all are my kids.  I'm the mom and I have to take care of you boys.

Ross:  It's alright babe, we'll clean it up.

Jade:  I'm going to lay down, it better be cleaned up by the time I wake up!

Me:  I thought she was the mom, that's all we hear at night...Ooo mami!

Ivor:  Oh yeah, mamasita!

Ross:  Shut it!  I'll go calm her down.

Ivor, begins to sweep:  These are different boots than I wore outside.

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  1. the fact that you made a project runway reference is hilarious!