06 August 2010

The High One, Alaska

One major source of pride for Alaskans is that North America's tallest summit is located near the south central heart of our non-continental state.  On clear days, the mountain can be seen from Anchorage rising from the northern horizon.  It's a lucky day when you can spy The High One, something that is usually put down as one's Facebook or Twitter status.
The Summit, Mount Denali, Alaska
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This is the view from 11,200 meters (37,000 feet).  The summit rises 6,134 m (20,320 ft) above the surrounding Denali National Park and Reserve.  From the air, the mountain is massive.  The captain addresses the comm and announces the arrival of the granite pluton, to the delight of passengers.  It surpasses the view from the window.  I've seen many airplane views, yet this one located so close to home base never ceases to amaze.


  1. Omg that view is UNREAL!! I am terrified of planes especially in the winter. If I saw that scene below me while I was in a plane I think I would be staring in awe while peeing my pants in fear.

  2. My only regret is that I did not get to visit Alaska when I was in the USA :(