18 August 2010

Great One-Horn, Cincinnati

I love zoos. Some people say it's cruelty to animals, locking them up like that. I'm all, where do I sign up? A place to live with free meals and a bunch of people staring at me all day? Awesome. On a more serious note, most zoological organizations around the world are great contributors and proponents of conservationism.

It was a hot and lazy day when I visited the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens.  We thought it would be better to avoid the parking fees and walk the equivalent of three blocks.  No problem in my book.  Little did I know the weather gods were going to hear my internal diatribe and say, let us just crank up the humidity.  Have fun.
I've traversed the San Diego Zoo, which is mammoth and I recommend using the trolleys whenever possible, but Cincinnati did not possess any sort of patron transport.  Halfway through, I was envying this:
Indian Rhinoceros, Cincinnati Zoo, Ohio
Click photo to enlarge.
Most of the animals were in the water that day.  Even though it was September, temperatures still soared to 27C (82F), which to this Alaskan boy is pretty absurd in the fall.  It shouldn't be a surprise though, as I learned the Indian rhino was an excellent swimmer and could barrel down at one with 55 km/h (34 mph).  And that most are solitary.  That's why they were swimming away from each other.


  1. I'm with you...I freakin' love zoos; though, I do usually feel a tiny twinge of guilt at the captivity part. I tend to get over it quickly.

  2. I love Zoo's. If you want a good zoo, check out the North Carolina Zoo. It's fantastic. I do NOT recomend the National zoo in DC, now THAT is cruel.

  3. Nooo way, you went to the Cincinnati Zoo! You were just two hours away from the Columbus Zoo & Aquarium (which is ranked the best zoo in all of the US)! Not to mention, that's where I live. :]

    Well, in Columbus, not the zoo.