13 September 2010

A New Sunrise

Hello my loverly cyberpartners.  I have decided to shed that generic design and import a photograph I shot myself over the waters of the Pacific Ocean.  It was the day I was flying home to Alaska from Ibiza, Spain.  I saw three sunrises in one day, and this one was the most breathtaking.

I'm honestly at a bit of a conundrum at the thought of reviving the 'Daily Photo' section.  I halted the production of such posts because I felt I was ready to include more in-depth content, and there were several readers who were turned off at the thought of a new post every day.

However, I heard through the internet grapevine in the support of that section.  (Specifically Erin.  Go read her blog after this if you're not already a follower.  She is hilarious.)  I'm frankly at a loss...to daily photo or not to daily photo?  Maybe once a week like a photo day?  Monday, Wednesday, and Friday??

That's where you step in.  Yes you, lurker.  I can see you reading because Raptor Jesus and Google hooked me up and now I can watch your actions from the safety of my own home.  What would you like to see done about the daily photo?  I would like the photos to be included because I have many to share, but I do not want this blog to turn into just a photograph essay (else I would create a separate blog for that, which c'mon, don't you like hearing about my awkwardness?).

The choice is yours.  Who will take the Ring into Mordor?

(wait...inappropriate timing?)


  1. I have never seen a more beautiful sunrise. I'm sure that the picture doesn't even capture 50% of it's amazingness.

  2. May I suggest a Bi-curious, Bi Weekly Photograph?

  3. I remember the book I read.. "the little prince"

    short book. not really a children's book but it has drawings. I hope you have read it..

    he once saw 40 sunsets in one day :)


  4. Scheduled posts get bland, and reading about how you're ugly, gimpy, and "somewhat" comical. It’s a good part of my day.

    However, I do enjoy your travels and that is a huge part of you. I vote do the photos, tell your stories, but do it when you're feeling inspired, not on a schedule. That gets boring.

  5. Hahah I just read what Geophrie said. Thats great.

  6. Dude, I KNOW you were talking about me with that "some people don't like a new post every day" thing. ASS.

    Anyways. Um, maybe a new photo every other day? Or Wordless Wednesdays?

  7. I swear I was reading you post, but I was distracted by Google and Rapto Jesus. Most epic combination ever.

    I vote for a not-daily sharing of photos. :)


  8. Do what you like. Seriously. People will still bloody read. Make it random, keep people on their bloody toes. Not literally of course, that would be bad.

    Nice blog.

    The Lady

  9. I like the new layout. Very serene. Great photo!

    As far as your question, I personally think you should do what you want. It's your blog. You can't please everyone, and it's OK to be slightly self-absorbed and mildly narcissistic in the blogosphere.

  10. @Lily: I was sipping a mimosa, sitting on the port side of the plane and happened to glance out. It was magical.

    @Geo: Curious I am on your take on bi-weeklies.

    @Miss: That is a wonderful book, I have not read it in English yet. Thanks for the link!

    @Denise: Sounds like a plan. And Geo is a crazy funny mofo. :)

    @Sara: It wasn't directed at anyone, I promise [cough]. Wordless Wednesdays reminds me of Wasted Wednesdays. In a good way.

    @Lor: It was a pretty epic matchup, wasn't it? Thanks for your input.

    @Lady: I appreciate you stopping by and commenting. It means a lot. :)

    @B: Thank you so much. It was pretty lucky that I happened to open my window shade and see it. And I know I control the content, but I do care about what the readers would like. Thanks.

  11. I'd love to see a daily photo.

    I've actually contemplated doing the same thing, in order to keep me practicing my photography. But I want to do it as a full year thing, so I'll be starting mine on January first.

    But yeah, would love to see it.

    Also that is a GORGEOUS shot. I got a few really awesome shots out the window when I flew to Vegas, though none this beautiful :)

  12. I don't know about daily... Daily becomes uninteresting. But how about a weekly photo post? Where you put in all your good photos for that week?

  13. Orion, that photo is spectacular! So pretty!

    Also, awesome Lord of the Rings reference, I approve.

    New to the blog. :) Excited to read more.