06 September 2010

Fluvio-Glacial, Alaska

As 'summer' draws to a close for the northern hemisphere, I would just like to reflect on a period that drastically changed my life.  The direction is still a pale blue dot in the blackness of the universe, but I have faith that I'll be heading somewhere full of light and magic.

Summer is in quotations because the Alaskan one this year was pretty rainy and damp.  There were a few days of sunlight, but most of the time I was wishing I had booked holidays to spend it elsewhere.  However, summer light is dazzling.

Primrose, Kenai Lake, Alaska
Click photo to enlarge.

This photo was shot during Memorial Day, the typical start to summer.  At least, according to that dang social season my mother was attending each year.  Glacial lakes are the most picturesque in full sunlight. The glacial milk makes the turquoise color unreal as well as close to the freezing point.  Some mountains retain their snowcaps for most of the year, and spruce trees are evergreen.

Also, at the time of this photo, one of the ladies was five months pregnant.  She just surpassed thirty-six weeks yesterday, and is now preparing for the birth of her first daughter.  Funny how fast time flies.

Happy Labor Day weekend.  I hope it was enjoyable.  Now get to work.


  1. The changing of the seasons really help us track changes and eras, don't they?
    Ps, um, I need to come and visit. It is unfair that I have never myself see such sights.

    effin beautiful.

  2. Hi, can I come to Alaska please?

    Also, that picture is gorgeous.

  3. Hello. That is a pretty picture. What do you mean by "glacier milk", is that just another term for the ice? I want see one of the aurorae. Would be awesome.


  4. funny how day to day nothing seems to change.

    but when we look back, everything's different :)

  5. @Erin & Sara: There are guestrooms available! Please do, it's really gorgeous up here.

    @OFCJ: Glacier milk is a local name for rock flour, a fine sediment that comes from rocks grinding together underneath the glacier. Glacier rivers cary it to lakes where it becomes suspended in the water, giving it the milky turquoise color.

    @Hotcakes: Seems like yesterday it was the beginning of summer.

    @Harley: Ello poppit!

  6. I'm going to miss summber. The camping, the rock shows, vegas.

    We should all plan something next year. Like a road trip and pick up as many bloggers possible!

  7. it says summber. . . but i really meant. . . summber! hehe

  8. Oh. Ok. Ooh, sounds creamy and pretty. Lol


  9. Happy End of Summer...it ended here with cool weather and a deluge today!

  10. Ooo! Gorgeous! Your pictures are awesome and I love them.