27 July 2010


"Now why did I do that?"
- Major-General Sir William Erskine, 2nd Baronet; British Army Officer

There have been intermittent internet connection here at The Palace. Seemingly at random times as well. We've graphed and charted the biscuits out of the service, yet there is no discernible pattern. Although it does happen at the most opportune moments:

Need to find a recipe for chimichangas? Just kidding!

Checking the weather forecast for the weekend? Might as well bust out a chicken weather vane and ear thermometer.

Want to update your blog? Use old fashioned paper and pencil instead.

I really do not understand how I could survive without electronic devices. Even though Justin Timberlake warns us to eschew technology and come over there and...you know. I believe the correct term is 'back up on this.'

Tangent aside, I am crippled without an internet connection and phone service. I was born into a family that thrives on daily exchanges. A few days pass and my mother sends out an Amber Alert. It was especially apparent when I took a holiday in Tokyo last year. I would only email once a day, and if I did not comply, I fully expected both the American and Spanish consulates to break down my hotel room door.

I have been enjoying time lately without service, though. This afternoon it was amazing outside, positively sweltering on the deck. Swilling beer and playing fetch with the puppies was a perfect way to pass a sabbatical from work.

High cirrus clouds.

Light, fluffy clouds!

The mistake of dipping inside to check news and Twitter the laptop proved fatal to the sunshine, though. When I returned to the deck 40 minutes later, this is the view that greeted me.

Smells like rain.


Ayo I'm tired of using technology. I need sunshine more than the rain right in front of me.

PS: Have you heard this version? Almost as great as the original and one of the best acoustic covers I've heard.


  1. I'm with you: Even on my freakin' honeymoon in the depths of the Borneo jungle, I had a couldn't-be-stronger phone connection and checked my e-mail every time Scott left the room ;-)

  2. I spent the weekend with three cell phones and a mini laptop. I am not the person to ask about this.

    Yet, did my blog get updated? No.