29 July 2010

Galway Bay, Ireland

In a misguided effort to keep some semblance of a routine here, I will start posting everyday.  Even if it's just a photo and short story. 

I have thousands of photos: some out-of-focus, too dark, of less desirable objects (RE: the time I shot a photo of vomit in Las Vegas' New York, New York bathroom urinal because I was plastered and it was the most hilarious thing to me at that time, even though later on I was appauled), or when the night setting turns what looks awesome on the preview screen to horrible in review.

Yet, there are some photos that take my breath away.  Sometimes I can scarcely believe I've the privilege experiencing some of Earth's many wonders.

Without further ado:

Galway Bay, The Burren, County Clare, Ireland
Click picture to enlarge.

The Burren (Irish for 'great rock') is an interesting place on the western side of Ireland.  This wide swath of karst limestone is one of the largest in Europe.  There are fossilized sand dollars and abundant crisscrossing grikes.  Walking up to the immense ocean, I had the impression of traversing a lunar landscape.  This area rose to about 30 meters above Galway Bay.  It was humbling and awe-inspiring to stand near the edge of the precipice, exposed to the crashing waves spraying oceanic mist. 

So naturally, ignoring my mother's childhood extortion to never approach the brink of a cliff, I sat down on a narrow ledge.  My little sister was inspired to capture the moment of tranquility.  Also, this is one of my favorite photos of myself (go ahead, gag at the vanity).  I was amazed the sun blazed down with nary a cloud in sight.  Silly me, it poured buckets not two hours later.  Oh Ireland: land of psychotic weather.

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  1. That is a brilliant photo! The West Coast of Ireland is amazing...I agree completely.