31 July 2010

Meadows of Sin, Las Vegas

The first time I visited Vegas, I was two months shy of my twenty-first birthday. Everyone lamented that fact, but actually I relished being able to walk around during the hot day and laugh at the stumbling gamblers. I only had a half-day layover, as I was on my way to visit a friend in Los Angeles. I knew I was just taking inventory, logging a feel for the Strip when I would inevitably return.

And finally this past February, five years later, I was able to celebrate Olive's little brother TJ's own twenty-first birthday. There were about twelve of us staying at various hotels along the Strip.

The Venetian, Las Vegas, Nevada
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Olive's parents had a complimentary suite at The Venetian. This is a photo from the north side pool area. I just happened to glance up as we made our way back to their room after watching the sunset. The symmetry and clean lines struck me as masterful. Las Vegas architecture has always fascinated me, constantly reinventing new hotels and casinos.  Not surprising for a four mile stretch that nineteen of the world's twenty five largest hotels by room count call home.

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